Board Members:

Lidya Osadschey is a dedicated board member that has been working closely with Mrs. Kumar over the last few years.  She traveled to Arusha, Tanzania in 2010 to offer help in student coaching and education as well as to learn more about the students, their environment, and local customs.  Lidya has also been involved in advocating for TotoAid and ensuring the organization is portrayed in the positive light in the public eye.

Ashok Kumar has been a board member since TotoAid’s inception and has played a crucial role in establishing relationship with donors.  He focuses his efforts on developing organization’s international recognition by finding new opportunities for collaboration between donors and students.

Mustafa Panju is TotoAid’s accountant and an avid promoter of organization’s efforts within the local community.  He has brought efficiency and growth on the operations side and he continues to expand TotoAid’s endeavors.

Sajeeda Igbal is TotoaAid’s director and oversees its operations.  She coordinates organization’s logistics along with the rest of the staff.

Mariam Awadhi is an assistant director and student guardian that takes care of day to day operations such as student reports, allowances, health care, seminars and more.  She is very adept of students’ needs and ensures that the organization is up to date with all the requirements.

Bill Peery serves as a board member advisor and helps out with any organizational task that requires his attention and expertise.

Urmila Kumar is TotoAid’s founder and has been an instrumental part of its growth and success over the last decade.  She is a certified Executive Coach from Sherpa Coaching and dedicates her time to coaching and educating students.  Additionally, she is also very involved with donors and collaborates with them on expanding TotoAid’s network.

Furthermore, all board members, in one way or another, work with students on enhancing their learning performance and problem-solving skills, increasing their vision for the future and the ability to make the right choices, as well as encouraging them to discipline themselves and learn how to listen, speak and manage stress.  They believe that these are the qualities that create true leaders and we as leaders need to engage ourselves in developing the attitudes and behaviors that will help bring positive change in the world.