is a project of the Harichand Education Fund, Totoaid. Totoaid is a registered 501(c) (3) not-for-profit charity located in the United States of America with the operations in Arusha, Tanzania, Africa.

Been given the award for global impact award coaching for charity by Sherpa Coaching, Urmila Kumar has implemented the behavior coaching sessions extensively to the students of TotoAid, is making a huge impact in breaking a cycle of the unknown that has been taken for granted and passed on from generation to generation.

TotoAid has a mission to identify gifted orphan children to high school by helping them achieve their potential in Arusha, Tanzania. The criterion is based on a high percentage of passing grades along with paying back as mentors into the community. We look for summer jobs for them so that they experience a sense of responsibility. The board members and Urmila travel to Arusha several times a year for several weeks at a time. In addition, to sponsor the students, we conduct regular classes that will give communication skills and motivational beliefs for a stronger future and a greater hope.

Our program is changing lives of students at the moment and growing by reaching out and educating these gifted orphans providing them with basic needs through nurturing, and ways to better communicate so that they may have a chance to go to high school and create a stable environment for themselves. We are proud of making a difference!  Our first two graduated orphan students who began this scholarship three years ago have graduated to be sponsored by Pharmacy and Education!

The curriculum teaches the seven sessions based on the following teachings:

*Session 1 teaches how to recognize stress, its causes, and skills for coping.  This session launches a vital part of the transformation for our students whose lives have been traumatized by the constant stress of neglect and danger.  Teaching them self-discipline and self-management is the first step in developing personal responsibility for their behavior.

*Session 2 teaches how one’s behavior is an expression of one’s unmet or met needs. Those who learn this important link will be more equipped to respond rather than react to behavior.

*Session 3 teaches the vital skills of listening. 

*Session 4 teaches how to communicate when the emotions are inflamed and anger is present.  This session is critical in conveying the most important skill in building positive and productive relationships.

*Session 5 teaches how to resolve conflict without resorting to violence and offensive behavior.

*Session 6 teaches how to create a safe environment: respectful, loving and accountable.  It expands on the notion of how any place should be a safe place applying the techniques of discipline without punishment.

*Session 7 teaches the importance of dreaming big dreams for life, and the steps of achieving them.

Born into this society, it is our duty to see that progression is made equally and distributed in a world that is changing so fast! We understand the importance of effective communication in order to get educated citizens to a better life for themselves.

~Please help us continue Our Journey for Hope~


Thank you,


Urmila Kumar, President  

Executive Coach



Looking ahead, we are excited to begin preparations for new projects for 2018. Our objective for next year is to raise $80,000, out of which $20,000 has already been raised. We look forward to your help and support in raising the remaining $60,000.



TotoAid was founded in 2008 to help orphaned students to high school. Contributions are tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law