A letter from John

Hello Madam,
I hope you are all doing better.
Back to my side am thanking God that am good and healthy and doing well.
I’m John Zacharia Isingo by names, a young man of 23 years of age since 22 nd
January, 1993.
My future ambition is to become an Aeronautical engineer or a cardiologist. I am
pleasure to take this moment to narrate a bit short story about my life.
It was 27 th January of 2005 the day when my dad got an accident and passed away,
surely it was very sad to me and that was the source of all the problems I’ve
passed through.
I remember it was 2006 the time when I decided to leave my home to go to the
Mining Sites in Arusha Region, it wasn’t an easy task to leave my home but that
was out of my fault due to the lack of school support from the relatives, though
when my dad was alive they got so much support from him but after he passed
away non of our relatives came to give out even his or her infinity support in
school, and therefore latter on I decided to go to Mirerani Mining Sites.
As I was living there at the mining, once again I adjourned to continue working
there due to the lack of sufficient benefit compared the work that we were doing.
I t was 2007 the end of the year when I got back to the city of Arusha and achieved
to get school support from a certain children centre known as CHISWEA, I am
thanking God they gave us support since I was in standard five in 2007 up to when
I reached standard seven . The highest class of primary school level in 2009.
Nevertheless through he who always give us strength I perform very well in my
standard seven National examination and therefore achieved to be selected to
proceed with the next level of secondary education.
I attended my form one class up to form four at Edmund Rice secondary school
through the support from Toto Aid, I am giving much thank to you Toto Aid, May
God Bless you all.
As I did my final examinations so as to complete my ordinary level, God is great
again I had performed excellently and achieved a go ahead with further studies at
High School level. I have now completed Arusha Modern High school with very
good academic results and and experience please find attached my certificates and
some of my Graduation pictures with my guardians.
I am looking forward to continue with Univercity abroad if I get the chance, I am
taking science subjects (Physics, Chemistry, Biology and advanced pure
mathematics, as a combination known as PCBM).

For sure you have been a very big support to me since I joined and be in the family
of Toto Aid, I love you so much my family of Toto Aid and the way I am living
within it as well, you raised up my dream of becoming someone in my future so as
to give out also even my little support so as to rescue the rest of the Universe.
Thank you for the support that you have given me so far. Without your support
may be I wouldn’t have been able to finish my school right now due to the
It is my eighth year now since I joined the family of Toto Aid up to the present
moment. May God Prosper, Bless and Grant you so much.

Lots of Love,



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